Subscribing to Notes applications

Subscriptions allow you to receive real-time updated information from your favorite HCL Notes® applications. A subscription is a results document that displays the information you choose to monitor in a specified Notes® application. For example, you have a New Mail subscription set up in Headlines that, when enabled, notifies you when you have new mail.

About this task

Subscription forms are created and stored in Headlines (headline.nsf), which is automatically created from the template headline.ntf. Headline.nsf is located in your Notes/data directory. If you do not see the Headlines bookmark in your Favorites folder, click File > Open > Notes Application and open headline.nsf from your Notes/data directory.

Notes® checks for subscription results based on the interval as you set for Check for new mail every preference (Mail > Sending and Receiving preferences). If you do not use subscriptions, use the steps below to make sure they are disabled to optimize the performance of Notes®.

Note: To subscribe to a particular application, the server that the application resides on must support subscriptions and allow headline monitoring.

You can create a subscription, update an old subscription, display application subscription results on your Home Page, and set up subscription information.