How can I use the Search Site application?

Search Site is a feature from a previous release of Notes® that your organization may use instead of Domain Search, if your administrator has not yet set up Domain Search. You can use a search site application to search for documents containing specified text in multiple applications defined by the administrator of the search site application.

When you open the Search Site application, a search form opens in which you can enter your search query. The search query you can use is similar to what you can use for a single-application full-text search. You can search for a specific word or phrase, or do advanced searches that allow you to search for multiple words, word variations, synonyms defined by the thesaurus, and documents by date and category. You can also sort the search results.

Use the Advanced Search button to search for anything other than a word or phrase. You can use the Sort search results drop-down menu to display sort options for the results of simple searches. After entering your search conditions, click the Start Search button to begin your search.

Search Site form

Search returns each document found in a Search Results document. Each document entry includes a document link and summary information about the document from the default view of the application the document comes from. Your default access for the application that stores the document must be at least Reader, so that you can open the document; if your search locates a document you want to open and can't, contact the application manager.

Note: If the Designer or Manager of a application does not select the property Show in 'Open application' dialog, then a Search Results document for that application shows a document link, but no text.