How can I search my Calendar?

If you want to find items in your calendar, you can search your calendar in much the same way you search for documents in any application.

About this task

Matching entries returned in a search might be spread throughout your Calendar view and are displayed with check marks instead of with highlights. For example, if you search on the term budget from the Calendar view and a matching entry is found in each of 24 consecutive months, you must scroll through the Calendar to see each match.

Here are some tips for viewing results of a search in Calendar:

  • Switch to the Meetings View before you perform the search in Calendar so that matching Calendar entries display in a list format. (Note that the Meetings View includes Reminders, Appointments, Events, and Anniversaries as well as Meetings.)
  • Along with a list of documents that match your search, a message appears at the top of the Search bar indicating how many matching documents were found (this information also displays in the status bar).
  • If you search the main Calendar view, select Keep current order (sortable) in the Sort results by field. With this option, Search displays search results by hiding all entries in your Calendar except those that match your query. If you select instead Show all documents (sortable) before you search, Search continues to display all Calendar entries, with those that match your query distinguished by a check mark only.
Tip: If you do not see results in the current view, use the Calendar's scroll bar to scroll forward or back to find results. To jump from result to result, use the Next match and Previous match arrow buttons in the Search bar.