How can I search for applications?

You can search for applications by title or part of a title. The application search looks for matching text in a list of application titles in the catalog application (Catalog.nsf) stored on your home server (or on the catalog server specified in your current Location document).

About this task

To search for text in an application, follow these steps:


  1. Click the the search drop-down arrow in the Notes® toolbar, and then click More Searches > Find Application.

    The application Catalog Search form displays.

  2. Enter the title of the application you want to find, or a part of the title, in the Title Contains field. (Do not use the application's file name.)
  3. Click Search.


Note: If you get an error trying to find an application, notify your Domino® administrator.
Tip: You can also browse the list of applications by using File > Open > Notes Application to open Catalog.nsf.