How can I create and manage a full-text index?

Full-text indexing an application makes searching for documents faster and more accurate, and allows you to refine or expand your searches, and to sort your results. You can create and change an application's full-text index or update one that already exists.

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To see if an application already has a full-text index:


  1. Click the Search scope drop-down menu and then click Advanced (Notes Basic client users: Click View > Search This View.
  2. Click Advanced Search and look for the green indicator next to Indexed. Also by clicking on More, the green indicator next to Indexed can be seen. If it is not indexed, click the Create Index button located in the lower right portion of the Search in View form or on the Full Text tab under File > Application > Properties.


You must have Designer access or higher to create a full-text index for an application. Contact your Domino® administrator if you want to full-text index an application for which you do not have at least Designer access. Only your Domino® administrator can full-text index an application on the Web.

A full-text index can be about 10-20% the size of the application itself (depending on how much text is in the application). Make sure you have the space before full-text indexing a very large application.

Updating a full-text index

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When a full-text index is created, it reflects the state of the application at that moment. If new text is added or text deleted, a search for the new text will not find it, and a search for the deleted text will (misleadingly) find it. Updating the index adds all the information that has collected in the application since its creation or last update. Click the Update Index button in the lower right corner of the Search in View form to refresh the index content

To update a full-text index, you must have at least Designer access to the application being indexed. Click the Update Index button located in the lower right portion of the Search in view form to refresh its content.

Checking and changing full-text options

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To find out what options the full-text index includes look at the information in the Full Text tab of the application properties box.


  1. Click File > Application > Properties.
  2. On the properties box, click the Full Text tab (the tab represented by the magnifying glass).
  3. If you have at least Designer access to the application, you can change its full-text index options by clicking Create Index.
  4. Change full-text index option on the Create Full-Text Index dialog box.
  5. Click OK.

    Search creates a new full-text index using the options you specified.