How can I switch to a different spelling dictionary?

You can switch language dictionaries when spell checking a document. You must install the language dictionaries from the HCL Notes® CD before you can switch language dictionaries. The language dictionaries are recognized by the file extension DIC, and they are located in your Notes/Data directory.

About this task

The default dictionary within North America is American English (us.dic).


  1. Click File > Preferences.

    Notes Basic client users: Click File > Preferences > User Preferences.

    Macintosh OS X users: Click Notes > Preferences .

  2. Click Spell Check (Notes Basic client users: click the plus sign, then click Spell Check).
  3. Click Install Dictionary.
  4. Select a dictionary from the Languages list.
  5. Click OK.

Install all language dictionaries

About this task

If you cannot select from a list of dictionaries, you may need to install them from the CD using the following steps. If you do not have the CD, contact your administrator to find out how you can install the language dictionaries.


  1. Insert the Notes® CD-ROM. Choose Start > Programs > Windows Explorer.
  2. Open the CD-ROM directory, and then open the Client folder.
  3. In the Client folder, open the Apps\Dictionaries folder.
  4. Double-click dictionaries.dic.
  5. Enter the location of your Notes/Data directory (for example, C:\\Notes\Data), and then click Unzip.