Using the sidebar

The sidebar provides constant access to your HCL Sametime® Contacts, Calendar, Feed Reader, and Activities. You can change which of these applications displays in your sidebar. However, depending on your organization, you may not have all of these applications in your sidebar.

About this task

The sidebar has three view states: open, thin (the default), and closed. The first time you open HCL Notes®, the sidebar is in the thin state. The following image shows a comparison of the sidebar in the thin state and in the open state.

Sidebar showing only application icons and with applications open

Use any of the following tasks to manage the sidebar. In addition to using the View menu, you can manage the sidebar using the application menu in the sidebar, or using right-click menus.

Table 1. Tasks used to manage the sidebar applications



Open or close the sidebar

Click the View > Right Sidebar.

Select which applications display in the sidebar

Click the View > Right Sidebar Panels.

Open a sidebar application in its own window

Click the application's panel menu, and then choose Open in New Window. To return the application to the sidebar, simply close the application window.

Note: The first time you open a sidebar application, it may take a little longer to load than usual. This should not be the case the next time you open it.