How do I check spelling in multiple languages?

To check the spelling in emails and documents that use more than one language, you can tag text to be checked by a different dictionary. To use this feature, you must have dictionaries for other languages installed. For more information, ask your administrator.

Tag text for a specific language


  1. While creating or editing an email or document, select text or click where you want to add new text.
  2. Click Text > Text Properties.
  3. Click the Font tab.
  4. Select a language.
    Note: If you want the spell checker to skip particular words in a document, mark the words as Unknown.


Notes checks untagged words using your default dictionary.

For example, if your default dictionary is English, and a document contains both English text and Italian text, you can tag the text written in Italian as Italian. When you perform spell check, the English words will be checked with your default dictionary, and the Italian words will be checked with the Italian dictionary.