How do I cancel an email sent by mistake?

You can retract a message that you have already sent, if it is saved in the Sent view. This feature is useful if you sent a message in error, or if you want to edit the content of a sent message and resend it.


  1. In your mail, open the Sent view.
  2. Select the message.
  3. Above the message list, click Recall Message. If this button does not display, your Domino® administrator has disabled this feature.
  4. If the message was sent to more than one recipient, select the recipients to recall the message from.
  5. Optional: To recall the message from a recipient even if the recipient has already opened or previewed it, select Recall the message even if it has been read.
  6. Optional: To suppress recall status reports, clear Send me a recall status report for each recipient. Recall status reports confirm whether a message is recalled successfully or not.
  7. Click OK.



If this feature is not working, make sure that the following requirements have been met:

  • Both you and the message recipient must be using the Release 8 mail application template (Mail8.ntf) on a Release 8 Domino® server.
  • You must save your sent mail in the Sent folder. To check this setting, click File > Preferences, click the plus sign (+) beside Mail, click Sending and Receiving, and then select Yes under Save copies of messages that I send.
  • The message recipient must have the basic mail preference Allow others to recall mail sent to me selected.