Creating a TeamRoom

Create a TeamRoom application to create a place where you and your team members can store documents, share information, and collaborate with one another.

About this task

To create a TeamRoom, follow these steps:

Create a TeamRoom


  1. Click File > Application > New.
  2. Specify the location and name of the TeamRoom.
  3. Select a server to browse for the TeamRoom template. (The TeamRoom template is not installed on the client.)
  4. Select the TeamRoom (8) template from the list, and then click OK.
    Note: If TeamRoom does not appear on your list of templates, contact your administrator.
    Note: After you have created a TeamRoom, information about setting up and managing TeamRooms is available from the application. Open the TeamRoom you have created and click Help > About This Application or Help > Using This Application. In addition, Help is available from many of the forms by clicking the Help question mark in the form.