How do I create a shortcut to another person's Mail?

You can create shortcuts to someone's Notes® mail, calendar, to do, or contacts, if that person has given you access.

About this task

Note: Before you can create shortcuts, other people must first give you access to their mail, calendar, to do, or contacts. For information, see How do I give someone access to my mail, calendar, tasks, or contacts?.

The shortcut displays in the navigation pane of your mail under Other Mail, in the navigation pane of your calendar under Show Calendars, and in the navigation pane of To Do under Other To Do.


  1. Click File > Preferences, and then click Calendar and To Do.
  2. Click Access & Delegation.
  3. Click Shortcuts to Others' Mail.
  4. Under Create shortcuts to open the mail files of these people, type the names of people who have delegated access to their mail to you. To select names from a directory, click the arrow to the right of the field .
    Note: This creates shortcuts to that person's mail, calendar, and to do.