Adding collapsible sections in an email

You can show or hide text in a collapsible section in an email or other Notes document.

About this task

To open a collapsed section, click the triangle, or twistie, that appears to the left of a collapsed section.

Collapsed section

Expanded section


  1. While creating or editing an email or other Notes document, select the text to include in the section. The first line is the section title by default.
  2. Click Create > Section.
  3. Optional: Click the section, and then click Section > Section Properties.
  4. Optional: Perform any of the tasks in this table to customize the section.
    Table 1. Section customization tasks



    Change a section's title

    1. Click the Section Title and Border tab.
    2. In the Title field, select the text, and type a new title; click the check mark to save.
    Note: Do not use carriage returns, hotspots, or buttons in section titles.
    Note: To use a formula for the title select Formula and add the formula in the Title field, or click Formula Window and adding the formula there.

    Change a section's border style and color

    1. Click the Section Title and Border tab.
    2. In the Border section, select a border style from the Style field.
    3. Select a border color from the Color field.
    Note: You can customize colors by using the color wheel button in the upper right corner of the Color field. Color wheel

    Set a section to expand or collapse automatically

    1. Click the Expand/Collapse tab.
    2. For any of the document states, such asPreviewed, select any of the following in the list:
      • Don't auto expand or collapse - to cancel any automatic collapsing or expanding.
      • Auto-expand section - to expand the section automatically.
      • Auto-collapse section - to collapse the section automatically.

    Hide title of section when the section is expanded

    1. Click the Expand/Collapse tab.
    2. Select Hide title when expanded.

    Display the text as a section only when document is viewed in the preview pane; otherwise, display section contents as regular text

    1. Click the Expand/Collapse tab.
    2. Select Show as text when not previewing.

    Remove a section but keep the contents of the section (also removes the section title)

    1. Click the section.
    2. Click Section > Remove Section.