How do I add my signature to emails?

You can add a signature to email messages. Signatures can include your name, title, graphics, vCard, and other information.

To set a default signature

About this task

You can set a rich text, plain text, or html signature to be added to all messages you send.


  1. Click File > Preferences, and then click Mail (Notes Basic client users: More > Preferences Mail).
  2. Click the Signature tab.
  3. Select Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages.
  4. Click New Messages.
  5. To add the signature, select Rich Text, Plain Text, or HTML or Image File and provide the information required, depending on your selection. If you select RichText, the following options are available:
    • To add rich text features such as graphics and attachments, click the T control.
    • To include your importable contact file, click Append My vCard, change information in the fields if needed, and then click Append vCard to Signature.
  6. To add a second signature to use only when you reply to or forward messages, click Reply and Forward Messages and add the signature in the same way that you added the signature for new messages. A second signature comes in handy if you use a long email signature in new messages but want to use a more concise version when you reply to or forward messages.


You can change the signature at any time by repeating these steps and specifying a new signature. You can remove the signature by clearing the Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages option. You can also change the information in your vCard and replace the existing version with an updated one.

To use a different signature or no signature

You can use a one-time signature from a file or secondary signature to use when replying or forwarding, whether or not you have set a default signature.


  1. If using a signature from a file, save the file to your computer. It must be a TXT, HTML, JPEG, bitmap, or GIF file. The file can exist anywhere on your computer, but you might want to store it in your Notes® data folder for convenience.
  2. Click Signature above the email you are composing.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select No signature.
    • Select New signature from file, click Browse, and select a signature file.
    • Select New Messages Signature and add a signature to override a default signature.