Using Notes Smart Upgrade

Your administrator can set up HCL Notes® Smart Upgrade to send you a notification to upgrade your Notes® client to a later release. Whenever you log into your HCL Notes® Smart Upgrade compares your installed version of Notes® to the version the administrator has made available, and prompts you to upgrade if appropriate.

About this task

Note: Discuss the Notes® release upgrade with your administrator before proceeding.

After discussing the upgrade with your administrator, and before you begin upgrading your Notes® client to a later release, do the following:

  • If your computer is running Microsoft® Windows®, log on to your computer with administrative rights to install Notes®. If administrative rights are not available, enable the setting Always install with elevated privileges.
    Note: Options for installing the Notes® client on Restricted or Standard/Power User computers are described in the Microsoft® Windows® Installer documentation.
  • If your computer is running Linux®, you must log in to Notes® as a non-root user to start the Smart Upgrade.
  • If your computer is running Macintosh OS X, turn off all options in the Application Sharing tab of the Shared System Preferences panel to avoid any errors.

When you are prompted to upgrade, you might see additional instructions from your administrator. For example, the administrator might indicate the server from which the install will run so that you can make sure you are mapped/logged in to the server before selecting Upgrade Now -- to avoid your encountering connection or access errors.

You can choose to update now or delay the upgrade for as long as is allowed by the grace period cited in your administrator's instructions. If you need a reminder, you can select when to be reminded in the Remind me in field.

At the end of the grace period, if your Notes® client has not been updated, Notes® Smart Upgrade displays an Update Now button that forces you to update. If your administrator has set an additional option, you also see a Remind me in an hour button. Clicking Remind me in an hour displays the upgrade screen every hour until you upgrade.

Note: To manually initiate Smart Upgrade, click Tools > Smart Upgrade and respond to any prompts.