How do I create bookmarks?

You can create a bookmark in a number of different ways.

About this task

  • Right-click a document or window tab and choose Create Bookmark.
  • Drag a window tab to the Open list, Bookmark bar, or a bookmark folder in the top section of the Open list.
  • Drag an HCL Notes® application icon on the workspace to the Open list or a bookmark folder.
  • In a Notes® application, choose Create > Bookmark.
  • To bookmark to a URL, from an external browser drag the icon that displays next to the URL to one of your bookmark folders or the Open list. From the embedded browser in which a Web page appears as a window tab when you open a website, drag the URL address.
Note: When you drag a bookmark to the Open list, there is a slight pause before the list opens. Once the Open list displays, you can drop the bookmark in the location you want.