Making temporary changes to a framed home page

You can change the contents of a frame temporarily, for your current session of HCL Notes® only. The next time you open Notes®, the contents of the frame return to those you selected when you set up your home page initially.

About this task

Note: This option is not available from a Basics home page.


  1. Open a framed home page.
  2. Click the arrow on the right side of the frame that you want to change.
    Table 1. Frame content options

    What do you want to do?

    Then click

    Link to Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notebook, and To Do

    Everyday Tasks Everyday tasks

    Display your Mail Inbox

    Inbox Inbox

    Display the your Trash view

    Trash Trash

    Display your Calendar

    Calendar Calendar

    Display your To Do list

    To Do To Do

    Display your subscriptions so you can check your latest subscription notifications

    Subscriptions Subscriptions

    Display a Web page of your choice

    Web Page Web page

    Open any Notes® application that you have access to and display the view you choose

    Database Database

    Access and display any folder in your operating system

    Note: Not available on Macintosh or on Linux®

    File Folder File folder

    Refresh or update the content in a frame

    semi-circle arrow

    Restore the original content in the frame

    Restore Restore


Tip: You can resize any frame on a home page by dragging the border.