Printing the calendar

On each page, you can print a day, week, work week, month, or selected time period on the calendar. You can also print a list of calendar entries, or print days, weeks, or months as a trifold.


  1. From the calendar, click File > Print.
  2. Under What to Print, select Print calendar.
  3. Select a printing format in the Calendar style field.
    Table 1. Calendar style options



    Daily, Weekly, Work Week, or Monthly Style

    Prints one day, week, work week, or month per page.

    Rolling Style

    Prints the time period you specify under Print Range, starting with the week of the day specified in the From field and ending with the week of the day specified in the to field.

    Calendar List

    Prints calendar entries as a list, instead of as a calendar.

    Trifold Style

    Prints daily, weekly, and monthly views of the calendar in trifold panels. Works best in landscape mode.

  4. Designate the time period to print from the calendar under Print Range.
  5. Specify any other print options, such as print quality and number of copies.
  6. Optional: Click the Calendar Style tab and specify calendar style print options for the style you selected.
    1. If you selected the Trifold calendar style, use this section to set how the left, center, and right sections print. If you select Notes, it prints a blank section for handwritten notes.
    2. Select a page size, under Page types. You can print a full page, index card, or a size that fits your day planner.
    3. Select other calendar style options.

Preview before printing


After you have selected your printing options, click the Preview button at the bottom of the Print Calendar window.