How should I use the different types of calendar entries?

You can schedule meetings, appointments, all day events, anniversaries, reminders, or event announcements on your Notes calendar. This topic explains some of the differences between these types of entries.

Table 1. Calendar entry types




Schedule a meeting with others and send email invitations they can respond to (for example, accept, decline, or propose changes).

Event Announcement

Schedule a meeting with others and send broadcast email invitations they can add to their calendars without having to respond to you.


Schedule time within a day in your calendar.

All Day Event

Schedule an entire day or block of days (such as vacation time) in your calendar.


Add annual events such as birthdays to your calendar. Anniversary entries repeat on the same date for 10 consecutive years beginning on the date you specify (unless you click Repeat in an anniversary entry and change its duration).


Remind yourself of something at a particular time.