How can I create blog user profiles?

You can create a user profile for anyone who will post content in the blog application.

About this task

When you first you set up your blog, a user profile is created for you based on information provided in the Site Setup document. Use these steps to create user profiles for other users. Information provided here is used to populate some of the fields that display when a user creates a post or comment.


  1. Open a blog (myblog.nsf, for example).
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. In the new blog tab that opens, expand the Configuration section, and then click User Profiles.
  4. Click Add User Profile.
  5. Complete any of these fields on the Basic tab, keeping the following information in mind:
    Table 1. User profile basic information fields



    Username (Preferred)

    The name of the person, such as John Doe.

    Username (Notes)

    The Notes® hierarchical name, such as John Doe/Acme. Click the arrow to select from a directory.


    The email address displays and an Email link is included when a comment is created for a posted document.


    A URL for any personal website you want to associate with this person. A link to the website is included.

    Default Location

    The default location for this person.

  6. Click Advanced, and complete any of the information on that tab. Attach a graphics file if you want to include at photograph for the user.
  7. Click Save & Close.