Table of simple agent actions

Define the action performed by the agent using a predefined simple action.

You can configure an agent to perform one of the following simple actions:

Table 1. Simple actions
Action What it does

Copy to Application

Copies selected documents to the specified application

Copy to Folder

Copies selected documents to a folder

Delete from Database

Removes selected documents

Mark Document Read

Changes selected documents status to Read. This will not work on mail if the agent is scheduled to run Before new mail has arrived.

Mark Document Unread

Changes selected documents' status to Unread.

Modify Field

Changes the value of the specified field of the selected documents

Modify Fields by Form

Changes the fields in the form that define the selected documents

Move to Folder

Moves selected documents to a specified folder

Remove from Folder

Removes selected documents from a specified folder

Reply to Sender

Sends a specified reply to only the sender or everyone listed in the mail message

Run Agent

Runs another specified agent on selected documents

Send Document

Sends selected documents

Send Mail Message

Forwards the specified mail message to a specified list of people

Send Newsletter Summary

Sends a summary of selected documents to a specified list of people

@Function Formula

Specifies Notes® @formulas for this agent to run on selected documents.

For information about configuring agents to perform more complex actions than simple actions, using formulas, LotusScript, or Java, for example, see Designer Help.