Sample agent: Changing document status

Use an agent to change the status of read documents to unread.

About this task

You, Daniel Peterson, have been working on draft documents in HCL Notes® and you want to keep their status as Unread so that you can track them easily until you have completed them. This agent changes the status of your draft documents to Unread at the end of each day. To do so, complete the following steps:


  1. Open your mail application and then click Create > Agent.
  2. In the Agent Properties box, enter Draft documents - change status in the Name field under the Basics tab.
  3. In the Trigger section, select On schedule, then select Daily from the list.
  4. Click Schedule to open the Schedule dialog box, and then enter 05:00 PM in the Starting at field.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  6. For Target, select All new & modified documents, and then close the Agent Properties box.
  7. In the Programmer's pane, click the Objects tab in the Info List section, and then select Document Selection from the list of objects.
  8. Click Add Condition to open the Add Condition dialog box, and then select the condition By Author.
  9. Select is any of in the field under Search for documents whose Author.
  10. Enter Daniel Peterson in the Name field, and then click Add to add the condition to the agent and close the dialog box.
    Note: You can enter multiple names; separate them with commas. If you know a user's hierarchical name (such as Mary Sen/Development/Acme), enter the hierarchical name. If you are not sure of how a name is spelled, click the person icon to browse for person names in a Contacts list.
  11. Click the Objects tab in the Info List, then select Action from the list of objects.
  12. Click Add Action.
  13. Select Mark Document Unread in the Action field.
  14. Click Add to add the action to the agent and close the dialog box.
  15. Click File > Save to save the agent in the application.