Keyboard shortcuts for properties boxes

You can use a number of keyboard shortcuts when using properties boxes.

In HCL Notes®, you can learn about and change the characteristics of a document, object, or application by opening what's known as a properties box. For example, when you are editing a document, click Text > Text Properties to open the Text Properties box.

Table 1. Properties box shortcuts




Open color field in Font tab


Close color field in Font tab


Open or close properties box


Open or close express tools in properties box


Move to last properties box tab (in Text and Table Properties, last tab is Express Tools)


Move to first properties box tab

Ctrl+Page Down

Move to next properties box tab

Ctrl+Page Up

Move to previous properties box tab

Down or Right arrow

Select next item in a list or set of options in properties box


Activate default or selected item(s) in properties box


Close color field in Font tab and activate selection


Close color field in Font tab without activating selection


Close properties box when focus is in properties box


Get Help on current properties box


Move to previous option or set of options in properties box


Move to next option or set of options in properties box

Note: For properties boxes that contain a Formula pane, for example creating a button hotspot, it is possible to attach some script to define the behavior when the button is pressed. This script is entered in the Formula pane, which becomes available when focus is on a hotspot in a rich-text field. The Formula pane is comprised of several controls, at least two comboboxes, and an edit field for entering the text of the script. Since the edit field will accept the Tab key as an actual character, it is impossible to navigate out of the edit field and to the next option via the Tab key. To navigate within the Formula pane, use the Shift+Tab key combination.

Up or Left arrow

Select previous item in a list or set of options in properties box

Note: If you open a properties box to edit text, (for example, a section's title in Section Properties box), buttons display that let you accept or discard changes you make to the text, but the buttons are not keyboard accessible. As a workaround, you can press Tab to accept the text changes and move to the next properties field or press Esc to discard the text changes.