Search quick reference

This quick reference card is a list of instructions for common tasks and shortcuts for Notes search, which you can print and keep at your desk for easy reference.

Table 1. Basics
How do I... Action

Find contacts

In the tool bar, click the search drop-down arrow and select More Searches > Find People. Select a Contacts list or directory from the Directory field. Select List by name in the View by field.

Save and reuse a More search query

Click the search drop-down arrow and then click More Searches > Search this view > More. Create a search using text, operators, conditions, or options and click Save search.

Search my Calendar

Switch to the Calendar Meetings view, and enter search terms.

Search only Mail, or search Mail and Archives at the same time

The option All Mail and Archives is available in the Search toolbar.
Note: This feature is only available to Notes Standard client users.
To disable this option, select File > Preferences > Search > Search List and uncheck All Mail and Archives from the search list.
Table 2. Advanced topics
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Create and manage a full-text index

Click the Search scope drop-down menu and then click Advanced. Click Advanced Search and look for the green indicator next to Indexed. If the application is not indexed, click the Create Index button located in the lower right portion of the Search in View form or on the Full Text tab under File > Application > Properties.

Search for applications

Click the search drop-down arrow in the Notes® toolbar, and then click More Searches > Find Application.

Specify the catalog to use for an application search

Choose File > Locations > Manage Locations to edit your Location document. Click the Servers tab and enter the server name in the Catalog/domain search server field.