Troubleshooting tips for embedding OLE objects and ActiveX controls

There are several reasons you may see the message: An error has occurred while processing a request on an object.

  • You are trying to embed an ActiveX control that does not support being inserted manually (the control can only be embedded programmatically). Check the Windows® registry to see if the control supports being inserted (embedded). The control is listed under the \\HKey_classes_root; verify that the Insertable key appears under the control's name.
  • You are trying to embed an OLE object or ActiveX control that has not been installed correctly, or the Windows registry contains conflicting information about the OLE object or ActiveX control. Reinstall the OLE object or ActiveX control to resolve the issue.
  • You may have multiple versions of HCL Notes® installed. For OLE to work properly, the Windows registry must be accurate. Make sure you are using the most recently installed version of Notes.
  • Your system is low on memory. Close your applications and restart the computer.