How can I import HTML files?

You can import the text of an HTML file, and the graphics if they are stored locally, into an HCL Notes® rich-text field.

About this task

If the graphics are not stored locally, you see a red box with an X through it instead of the graphic in the original document.

Note: To find out whether or not the field you want to import to is a rich-text field, click that field, and click Edit > Document Properties (switch to Document if necessary). Then click Fields (second tab) and the field name in the left box. In the right box, any rich-text field is listed as Data Type: Rich Text.

Perform the following steps:


  1. Edit the document, and then click where you want the imported file to appear.
  2. Click File > Import. (This option is dim if the field you have clicked is not a rich-text field.)
  3. Click HTML File in the Files of type list.
  4. Select the file's drive and directory and then select the file.
  5. Click Import.