To retrieve an Internet cross certificate

If you try to request an Internet certificate, and your Contacts does not have a cross certificate for the certificate authority (CA) you are requesting the certificate from, you have to retrieve an Internet cross certificate to complete the request.

About this task

You may also need to add an Internet cross certificate if you are trying to make an SSL connection to a website. For example, is an SSL connection, known because of the "S" added to the end of the HTTP that precedes the address. You must have an Internet cross certificate to access SSL sites.

If you attempt to make an SSL connection to a secure website using the HCL Notes® browser, you may be prompted to make a cross certificate on the spot. If you are not prompted then you need to retrieve a cross certificate.


  1. Click File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security).
  2. Click Identity of Others > People, Services.
  3. Select "Find more about people/services, and then click Retrieve Internet service certificate.
  4. Enter the URL of a website secured by the same certificate authority you're requesting a certificate from in the Service name field of the Retrieve Internet Service Certificate dialog box. For example, enter
  5. Click the type of port to use to connect to the server in the Protocol field. The server must be listening on the port indicated. Usually, you can leave the defaults.
    Note: Once you obtain the Internet cross certificate, it can be used for SSL communications using any protocol.
  6. Click the Connect.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • To accept the specific Internet cross certificate you requested, click OK in the Trust for service dialog box.
    • To view the other cross certificates you can accept, for example trusting the CA that is issuing this certificate as well as any other certificate the CA issues, click Advanced Options to choose the specific service you want to trust. Then click the Trust this certificate.
    • To view specific details about the certificate, click the Certificate Details, Trust Details or Advanced Details button in the Trust for Service or Trust Certificate dialog box.


If you are having trouble getting a cross certificate, you should check your proxy settings in the Location document of your Contacts.