How can I use a phone line to access Notes mail and applications?

If your physical connection is a telephone line with a dialup (digital/analog) modem, you need a Network Dialup location type to use HCL Notes® mail on an HCL Domino® server, in addition to remote access service (RAS) software in your operating system (such as Microsoft™ Dial-Up Networking).

About this task

Note: Do not use the Notes Direct Dialup connection type. If you are using a Home (Notes Direct Dialup) location for RAS, edit it and change its connection type to Network Dialup. The X.PC modem protocol is not supported.

Before you proceed, ask your Domino administrator whether your organization has a network server. With RAS, you may have access to a network server either through an ISP, through your organization's intranet, or both. A Network Dialup location type lets you call a single network server to give you access to all Notes applications in your organization.

Note: Notes can use RAS software to call a network server and connect from there to Domino servers in your organization, to Web servers on the Internet, or to both. You may have access to a network server either through an ISP, through your organization's intranet, or both.

Notes saves information about network servers in Home Location documents of the Network Dialup type and in Network Dialup Server Connection documents.


  1. Gather the following:
    • The name of your home Domino server (for example,
    • The full telephone number (including area code) and prefix, if any, of the network server.
  2. Optional: Switch to the location where you want to use this connection method.

    For example, if your organization has a network server, switch to Home (Network Dialup).

  3. Click Tools > Client Reconfiguration Wizard.
  4. Select Domino server and in the drop-down list, select Network Dialup.
  5. Click Next and answer the questions.


Note: After you complete this type of configuration, the current Location document in your Preferences contains the name of your home server and Notes mail file name and path (which Notes learns from an available Domino Directory), as well as other settings. Notes also creates a Network Dialup Connection document (in your Contacts) to your Domino server.