What setup is required for using a modem with Notes?

You can use either a cable or DSL modem with HCL Notes®.

About this task

Note: Dialup modem support is not available, but you can use one to access network servers or an ISP to reach your Notes mail if your operating system has the appropriate remote access software (RAS).
  • A cable modem uses a cable (television), also called broadband, connection (this type of modem does not use a telephone line).
  • A DSL modem, with additional hardware, uses a high-speed digital subscriber telephone line.
  • A dialup modem is a digital-analog modem that requires a standard telephone line for connection.

There is no setup necessary in Notes for a cable or DSL modem. Both cable and DSL access work from the Online location in Notes, and look to Notes as if your computer is on a LAN. To set up a dialup modem, you use remote access software in your operating system, not Notes.