New workspace look

The Notes workspace has a brand new look.

The new default workspace
To change the background image, from any workspace page, right-click, select Background, and then select one of these options:
  • None to remove the image and use the workspace tab color as the background color.
  • Default to use the default background image.
  • Choose to use your own background image by selecting an image file from your computer.
If you set up your workspace to roam so that you can access it from multiple computers, your background selections roam, too.
You can also set up the workspace to show the number of unread documents in the application icons. From any workspace page, right-click and select Show Unread.
An application icon showing 1 unread document
  • To use this feature, the Textured Workspace preference (found in Basic Notes Client Configuration preferences) cannot be enabled.
  • Use the notes.ini setting V10Workspace=0 to revert to the Notes 9 workspace style.