Copying your ID file when you use shared login

If you use shared login and want to make a copy of your User ID, you must use a special procedure to do so. The procedure assigns the copy of the ID file a new Notes® password.

About this task

To copy your ID file if you use Notes® shared login, perform the following steps:


  1. Click File > Security > User Security.
  2. Type your Microsoft® Windows® password and click OK.
  3. Verify that Login to Notes using your operating system login is selected, which indicates that you are using Notes® shared login.
  4. Click Copy ID.
  5. Specify a location and file name for the copy, including the .id file name extension, and then click Save.
  6. You see a prompt explaining that you are about to set a password for the ID copy, and that you will need to remember the password in order to use the ID copy on another computer. Click OK to close the prompt.
  7. Type a password for the ID copy twice, and click OK.
  8. Read the reminder prompt that is displayed and click OK.


If you use the copied ID on another computer, it will be enabled for Notes® shared login if your administrator has enabled the feature for you.