Maximum Internet name and password in the ACL

Users who access an IBM® Notes® database using a Web browser are not identified by a IBM® Domino® server in the same way Notes® client users are identified. Use the "Maximum Internet name & password" setting to control the maximum type of access that Internet or intranet browser users have to a database.

This setting applies to users who access a server using a Web browser anonymously or with name-and-password authentication on a TCP/IP or SSL port. This setting does not apply to users who have SSL client certificate IDs and access the database over the Internet on the SSL port. Users with SSL client access receive the level of access specified in the database ACL.

Users who access a Notes® database over the Internet, either anonymously or by using name-and-password authentication, never have an access level higher than what is specified as the "Maximum Internet name & password" level. The "Maximum" setting overrides the ACL only if its access setting is less than the access defined in the ACL.

For example, a user, Sandra Smith/West/Sales/Acme accesses a database using a Web browser that is located on a server that requires a user name and password. If Sandra Smith/West/Sales/Acme is assigned Editor access in the ACL and the "Maximum Internet name & password" setting is Reader, then Sandra is allowed only Reader access because in this instance "Maximum" setting grants a user less rights than the database's ACL which overrides the ACL. Similarly, if Sandra Smith/West/Sales/Acme is assigned Reader access in the ACL and the "Maximum" access setting is Editor, Sandra is allowed only Reader access. If Sandra Smith also uses a Notes® client to access the database, the "Maximum" access setting is ignored and Sandra is allowed Editor access.

The default for this setting is Editor access. Tasks such as creating folders, views, and agents do not apply to Internet users.

To select a maximum Internet name and password access level:

  1. Make sure that you have Manager access in the database ACL.
  2. Select the database icon from your bookmarks page.
  3. Select File > Application > Access Control.
  4. Click Advanced, and then select the maximum access level from the "Maximum Internet name & password" list.