Managing your Notes ID and passwords

You use security preferences to manage your Internet and IBM® Notes® passwords. Depending on how your administrator set up your mail account, you might also be able to delete your Notes ID if it is corrupted and you need to replace it.

Before you begin

You must use HTTPS to change security preferences. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer, or HTTP over SSL) is a web protocol that encrypts and decrypts both user page requests and the pages that the web server returns. To avoid an error message, type an s after the http in front of the web address in your browser.

About this task

Click your name on the client banner, click Preferences > Security, and then use any of the available options that you need.
Note: In most cases, your administrator sets the security preference options that are available to you, with the exception of the Change Internet Password option.
Table 1. Options for managing your Notes ID and passwords
Option Description
Change Internet Password To change the password you use to log in to Notes, click Change under Change Internet Password, and then follow the instructions in the dialog box that opens.

You might have to wait anywhere from five minutes to several hours for the change to take effect depending on server settings, so make sure you wait for your old password to stop working before using your new one.

Note: You must be the owner of the mail file, whose name is displayed on the Basics preferences panel.
Notes ID Info If your mail file contains a Notes ID, click Notes ID Info to see information about your Notes ID, its Notes certificate, and any Internet certificates.
  • To see information about your Notes certificate, click Show Details.
  • See the last row of this table for information about using Manage Internet Certificates to import, export, or delete Internet certificates.
Import Notes ID
  1. Make sure your Notes ID is not Smartcard enabled.
  2. Click Import Notes ID.
  3. Specify the path into which you are importing your Notes ID and then enter your password. Click OK.
  4. Locate your Notes ID file and type your Notes ID password as prompted.
Delete Notes ID To delete your Notes ID, or to undo the import operation, click Delete Notes ID.
Note: This preference is not available unless it is enabled on your mail server.
Export Notes ID Export your ID if you plan to use Notes.

Click Export Notes ID and save the file locally for use with Notes. Use the most recent, updated copy of your Notes ID.

Note: This preference is not available unless it is enabled on your mail server.
Change Notes ID Password Click Change, and then type your old and new Notes ID passwords as prompted.
Recover your Notes ID To recover your Notes ID, you must synchronize it with the copy that is stored in the Notes ID Vault. If your mail file does not contain your Notes ID, synchronizing with the Notes ID Vault adds a copy of your Notes ID to your mail file. To synchronize your ID, click Sync with Vault.
Manage Internet Certificates If you click Notes ID Info, the resulting page displays this option, which you can use to import, export, or delete Internet certificates from your Notes ID.

To perform any of these tasks, click Notes ID Info > Manage Internet Certificates, and then continue in one of these ways:

  • Click Import, locate the Internet certificate (typically in a file with a p12 extension), type the password for the Internet certificate, and click OK.
  • Click Export, type and then retype your password for the certificate, and click OK. Then click Save and select a location for the exported certificate file.
  • Click Delete. If you do not have access to delete your Internet certificate, an error message displays.