Page Events

This topic describes the Page Events, and their parameters when using JavaScript API in HCL Domino Volt .

There are many events available to hook into on a page that are accessed from the page Edit Properties dialog.
Table 1. JavaScript objects available in page events
Variable Full name Description Example Type
app Application object Contains functions for accessing global general information app.isSingleFormView() GUI
form Form object For accessing the pages and controlling page navigation form.getPage('P_Page1'); GUI
page Page object For accessing the Page and the items on it page.F_Text.setContent('This a Label'); GUI
BO Business Object object Top-level data object for the form BO.F_Username.getValue(); DATA
Table 2. Page Events
Event Description Example
onHide Called when the page is hidden. This is usually a result of page navigation.
onNavigateAway Called as the page is about to be switched away from this one. A pAllowSwitch variable is passed to this event that contains one property called allow. Setting this property to false cancels the page switch. Cancel the page switch if a check box is not checked:
   pAllowSwitch.allow = false;
onRemoveFromNavigation Called when this page is removed from navigation by calling the form.removePageFromNavigation() method for this page.
onRestoreFromNavigation Called when a page is restored to navigation by calling the form.restorePageNavigation() method for this page.
onShow Called every time the page is shown. This includes when the form is first displayed and when the user navigates to the page. A good location to update any display items.
Note: When a form is first opened, this event is only called on the current displayed page.