Application Events

This topic describes the Application Events, and their parameters when using JavaScript API in HCL Domino Volt .

There is one event at the application level in Settings > Events that is called from the context of the application, regardless of what form is going to be displayed.
Table 1. JavaScript objects available in application events
Variable Full name Description Example Type
app Application object Contains functions for accessing global general information app.getCurrentUser(); GUI
Table 2. Application Events
Event Description Example
onStart Called once when the browser is first loaded with your application. You can access the form’s interface model for attaching programmatic events. However, nothing else on the form is modified because the forms have not been displayed to the user, nor have they had any data attached.
  • Create a global function for later use:
    app.getSharedData().messageBox = function(message)
       	alert("Warning: " +message);
  • Register a function to be called that shows a section when a Service finishes:
    var form = app.getForm('F_Form1');
    var serviceConfig = form.getServiceConfiguration('SC_ServiceConfig0');
    serviceConfig.connectEvent('onCallFinished', function(success)