Web Mail Workload script

You can use this script for the Web Mail Initialization Workload test.

Web Mail Initialization Workload script

Text enclosed in asterisks (**) indicates comments.

**Pause a random interval so multiple processes are well staggered**

pause 0-180000 
errordelay 60000-120000 
@If [NBTestReset] 
dbdelete "[MailServer]!![nb_dbdir]mail[#].nsf" 
pause 0-60000 
changeto "[MailServer]!![nb_dbdir]mail[#].nsf" [MailTemplate] -KeepOpen 
pause 0-5000 

**Populate the mail database by having the thread send Web mail to itself**

webget -url [httphost]/[nb_dbdir]mail[#].nsf -h 10 10 1000-2000 -mis[NormalMessageSize] mail[#]/[Domain] 1 
rewind [NumMailNotesPerUser] 

** Open the current view**

open $Inbox 

**Close the view**


Web Mail Workload script

Sentences that are enclosed in asterisks (**) indicate a comment in the script.

** Pause a random interval so multiple processes are well staggered

pause 0-180000

**Make sure the user preferences are set to have the mail owner = mail[#]**

@If NOT [WebPreferencesOff] 
webget -url [httphost]/[nb_dbdir]mail[#].nsf -mp 

**Wait about 30 seconds**

pause 20000-40000 

**Open the Web Mail database, to get Domino® Directory info to be used by all threads**

webget -url [httphost]/[nb_dbdir]mail[#].nsf -mi 

**Wait about 60 seconds**

**Start the part of the script which loops**


**SEND a Message from the Web, taking about 60 seconds to compose the message**

webget -url [httphost]/[nb_dbdir]mail[#].nsf -h 10 10 40000-80000 -mis 

**Wait 1 - 3 minutes**

pause 60000-180000 

**Read the first 5 Inbox Messages, spending about 1 minute on each message, deleting first**

webget -url [httphost]/[nb_dbdir]mail[#].nsf -h 10 10 40000-80000 -mir 5 1

**Wait 4 - 6 minutes**

pause 240000-360000 

**Repeat entire sequence all over again (go back to beginloop statement)**