Improving partitioned server performance and capacity

You use the same set of tools to monitor partitioned servers as you use to monitor individual servers. However, remember that a partitioned server can use a large number of system resources, denying those resources to other partitioned servers on the same computer.

For example, the Indexer on one partitioned server may be using a large percentage of the available CPU cycles, causing the other partitioned servers to have a slow response time. Therefore, it is important to look at your operating system's performance monitor as well as the Domino® statistics to determine which partitioned server is using the system resources.

If one partitioned server uses significant system resources, consider moving that server to a different computer. If partitioned servers causes slow disk access, consider moving the Domino® data directories of the partitioned servers to separate disk drives.

Another way to limit access to a server is to limit the number of users who can use a partitioned server at one time. To do this, you can use the Server_MaxUsers setting in the NOTES.INI file. When the server reaches the number of users you specify, Domino® denies additional user requests for access to the server.