Testing Notes federated login

If you enable Notes federated login, use your test user to test that it is working.

Before you begin

  • Disable Notes shared login for the user, if enabled.


  1. Start the Notes client.
  2. The IdP login form is shown. Enter the test user name and password.


Notes federated login is correctly configured if the following occurs:
  1. The IdP authenticates you in the background and the ID is downloaded to the Notes client.
  2. The Notes client opens its home page without any password prompt.
  3. When you select File > Security > User security in the client, the User Securities box opens without prompting for a password.
  4. The User Securities box shows the following message:
    Your ID is not stored on disc. Your ID will be downloaded from ID vault, 
    during which your designated federated Identity Provider may prompt you for login credentials. 

What to do next

If you use ADFS and want to enable IWA, see Enabling IWA (ADFS only).