Creating unique Internet addresses

Use the Set Internet Address dialog box to create unique Internet addresses for users.


  1. In the Domino® Administrator, from the People & Groups tab, click Tools, and then select People > Set Internet Address.
  2. Complete these fields:
    Table 1. Section 1
    Field Action
    Selected Non-modifiable -- The name of the Domino® Directory that contains the users to whom this Internet Address format will apply.
    For Non-modifiable -- The users in the Domino® Directory that the Internet Address format applies to.
    Use existing address from shortname field, if available Click this checkbox if these is a shortname for the user and you want to use that shortname in the user's Internet address.
    Create Internet Address if none specified
    Default format Choose a default name format. For example, LastName First Name
    Format pattern This field appears only if Custom pattern was selected in the Default format field. Enter the custom pattern you want to use. For example, you could use LastName
    Separators Choose a separator to separate the name components (For example, an underscore character separates the first name from the last name.)

    If Custom pattern was selected in the Default format field, the Separators field does not display.

    Internet domain Enter the Internet domain name to apply to the users. For example,
    Table 2. Section 2
    Field Action
    Use existing Internet domain from shortname field, if available. Click this check box to use the domain name that has been applied in the user's short name.
    Separate multi-word names with selected separator character. Click this check box to use the separator character you chose in the Separators field to separate name components.
    Create addresses only for people in a specific Domino® domain Click this check box to limit the addresses you generate to users from a specific domain. Specify the domain in the Domain name field.
    Domain name Enter a domain name in this field if you selected the option Create addresses only for people in specific Domino domain.
    Use alternative format pattern in case of name conflict Click this check box to use an alternative name format if duplicate names are found. Enter the alternative format in the Format pattern field.
    Format pattern Enter an alternate format pattern to use if there are duplicate names under the default pattern that you define. For example, the alternative pattern can contain underscore separator characters when the default pattern has no separator characters.
  3. Click OK.