Roadmap: Configuration Settings - NOTES.INI Settings tab

Using the Configuration Settings document, you can add and modify many NOTES.INI settings at a time to the server's NOTES.INI file.

About this task

However, because a Configuration Settings document applies only to Domino® servers, you cannot use it to modify an Notes® client's NOTES.INI file.

Table 1. NOTES.INI Settings tab
Field Action
Current parameters Displays the NOTES.INI settings that have been configured for the server.
Last parameter set Displays the name of the last NOTES.INI setting that was configured.
Current value Displays the value of the last NOTES.INI setting that was configured.
Parameter set by Displays the name of the administrator who configured the most recent NOTES.INI well as the time and date on which it was configured.

Adding or modifying NOTES.INI settings


  1. To add a setting, click Set/Modify Parameters to display all settings that you can add to the list in the Configuration Settings document. Select the setting(s) you want to add from the list. Type the value for the variable in the Value field.
  2. To modify or clear a setting, highlight a NOTES.INI variable in the list and click Clear. In the Clear Parameter or Value, choose Clear parameter or Clear value. If you choose to clear a value, you can type in a new value.