Using Domino® Off-Line Services (DOLS) and iNotes®

To provide IBM® iNotes® users with the ability to work off line, enable IBM® Domino® Off-Line Services (DOLS) when you set up the server. DOLS enables users to work off line, disconnected from a network, and provides many replication features that IBM® Notes® users expect when working in the Notes® client.

Users require a Notes® ID so that DOLS can synchronize the offline mail file with the server. The default DOLS configuration prompts the user for a Notes® ID the first time they go offline with iNotes®.

If you rename a user, the user must reinstall the DOLS offline subscription in order for the offline mail file to synchronize with the server. After a name change, the user must wait for the old Notes® ID and password to stop working, accept the name change using a Notes® client, then log on to iNotes® with the new Notes® ID and password.