Troubleshooting Sametime® in iNotes®

If instant messaging icons do not display in IBM® iNotes® mail and the contact list, you look for causes.

About this task

Check the following:

  • The IBM® Sametime® server is running.
  • All the ST**** services are running. Check the control panel - services; all ST**** services should be running when the Sametime® server has fully started. If there are ST**** services not running, start STCommunity server first. If this service cannot be started, check the network connections and the Sametime® server log file.
  • Make sure the user has enabled Instant Messaging in Preferences.
  • Make sure the user's Person document has been set up with the Sametime® server names.
  • Use the http:// protocol only for the Sametime® server.

To identify the current Sametime® server version

About this task

The instant messaging integration features rely on the ability of the browser to directly communicate with the Sametime® server. This means that the fully-qualified Internet hostname of the Sametime® server must be resolvable from the browser, for example, the fully qualified Internet hostname for an IBM® Domino® server named IM/Renovations might be

Therefore, either DNS must be able to resolve this address or it must be resolved to the proper IP address by some other mechanism, such as editing the local operating system's hosts file.


  1. If the Sametime® server is running on a Microsoft Windows platform, type the following URL:

    http://Sametime server hostname/stcenter.nsf

    To avoid case sensitive issues on other platforms, search for the file under Sametime server directory/stcenter.nsf and use the file name case as shown there.

  2. Click Administer the Server.
  3. Login to Instant Messaging, and then click Help > About Sametime.