Specify different site controls for feature install and update

You can specify that feature update can only be performed from a site list but that feature install be allowed from other sites as specified in the Update Manager user interface or CA XML.

About this task

This method is applicable when you want to allow feature install from various sites but only permit feature update from an approved site. For example, third-party features maintain their original update site location in their feature.xml. You may choose to move that feature to an authorized update site and install from that site. However, if the Use update site specified in Feature option is enabled, the update could retrieve from that external update site, which is not desirable. This method enables you to prevent update from occurring from that site.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click Server > Configurations.
  2. Select the Server Configuration document you want, and click Edit Configuration.
  3. Click Client Upgrade > Provisioning.
  4. Disable Use update site specified in Feature.
  5. Disable Allow client updates only from these sites.
  6. Enable the default update sites that are currently specified in the server Configuration Settings document.