Example: Applying scriptable setup using a transform during Notes® install

You can apply NOTES.INI settings during Notes® install using a transform file. This example uses the CONFIGFILE= setting to point to a setup text file that contains the parameters for the post-installation phase of Notes® client setup.

About this task

The setup.txt file can be placed on shared network resource or distributed to individual user desktops.
Note: For more information about using scriptable setup, see the topic Setting up Notes® installation using scriptable setup in the related information. Also see IBM® Tech Note 1112835 How to set up a Notes® client without user intervention using a scriptable setup. For information about using the tuner, see Obtaining a tuner and creating a transform file to customize Notes® installation.


  1. Create a setup.txt file using the following parameters. Save your file as setup.txt.
    • IM.server=ServerName1.domain.com
    • IM.port=1533
    • IM.ConnectWhen=0
    • IM.Protocol=0
  2. To allow the new setup.txt file to be referenced, open the NOTES.INI file and add this setting:
  3. Use the InstallShield Tuner for Notes® to create a transform file (.mst) to distribute the new ConfigFile= setting in the NOTES.INI file.