Understanding the Domino® server certification log

The Domino® certification log records server certification and ID information.

When you set up the first Domino® server in a domain, the server setup program creates the certification log. If you delete the log, you can recreate it, but be aware that the new log will not contain the information it previously stored.

When you add servers and users to Domino®, the certification log maintains a record of how you registered them. For each registered server and user, the certification log stores a document containing the following information:

  • Name and license type
  • Date of certification and expiration
  • Name, license type, and ID number of the certifier ID used to create or recertify the ID

Create a replica of the certification log on every server that is a registration server and on every server that stores a Domino® Directory that is used for user management -- for example, renaming and recertifying users. If the server whose Domino® Directory replica you are using does not have a certification log, user-management actions will fail.