Using S/MIME format when sending encrypted mail to mobile device users

You can specify that encrypted mail sent to designated mobile device users such as Blackberry® users be converted to MIME and encrypted using S/MIME. This feature provides end-to-end encryption.

About this task

To send S/MIME-encrypted mail to a mobile device user, the sender must use a Notes® 8.0.1 or later client. To decrypt the S/MIME-encrypted mail, a recipient's Person document must have the Use S/MIME format for incoming encrypted mail setting selected. In addition, the recipient must have an Internet certificate in the Domino® Directory that has been imported into the mobile device.

To specify users to receive encrypted mail in S/MIME format, perform the following steps:


  1. In the Domino® Administrator client, click People & Groups.
  2. Select the names of the Blackberry users to receive S/MIME-encrypted mail.
  3. Click Tools > People > Encryption Capabilities.
  4. Select Use S/MIME format for incoming encrypted mail.
  5. Optional: Select Only do so if no loss of fidelity in Notes RTF to MIME conversion.

    If you select this option, the Notes® mail format and Notes® encryption are used instead if messages contain any of the following elements which lose fidelity when converted to MIME and S/MIME: action hotspots, embedded elements, objects, buttons, or stored forms. Messages that contain visual elements such as sections, page breaks, or highlighting are converted to S/MIME format regardless of this setting.

    This option takes effect only if senders use Notes® 8.5 or higher clients. If you do not select this option, or if a sender uses a release earlier than Notes® 8.5, the sender sees a warning when sending a message that contains elements that would lose fidelity.


The settings are added to the Encryption Capabilities section in the Administration tab of Person documents. To change the settings, use the Encryption Capabilities tool described previously.

Note: S/MIME format will also be used to encrypt unencrypted incoming mail if recipients have selected the security option When receiving unencrypted mail, encrypt before storing in your mailfile.