Starting the Internet Cluster Manager (ICM)

You can run the ICM on a single server or on multiple servers to ensure that an ICM is running at all times, even when one ICM is out of service.

About this task

When you run more than one ICM, you can choose to use the same configuration settings for each ICM. You set this in the Get configuration from field on the Server Tasks > Internet Cluster Managertab in the Server document when you configure the ICM.

Use one of the following procedures to start the ICM.

Starting the ICM automatically at server startup

About this task

To start the ICM automatically each time you start the server, append the ICM keyword to the ServerTasks setting in the NOTES.INI file. For example,


Starting the ICM for the current session only


To start the ICM while the server is running, use one of the following methods. The ICM will remain running until the server stops but will not restart automatically the next time the server starts.

From the Domino Administrator or the Web Administrator


  1. In the Server pane, expand All Servers or expand Clusters.
  2. Select the server you want.
  3. Click the Server > Status tab.
  4. In the Task pane, do one of the following:
    • From the Domino® Administrator, click Server Tasks.
    • From the Web Administrator, click All Server Tasks.
  5. In the Tools pane, expand Task, and then click Start.
  6. In the Start New Task dialog box, select Internet Cluster Manager (ICM).
  7. Click Start Task, and then click Done.

From the server console

About this task

Send the following command from the server console:

load icm