Showing a subject's effective access to an extended ACL target

You can determine the effective access a subject has to a target in an extended ACL. The effective access is the actual access a subject has to a target after the database ACL and extended ACL access settings and conflicts are evaluated.

  1. Open the database that uses the extended ACL, and choose File > Application > Access Control.
  2. With Basics selected, click Extended Access. You see Extended Access only if you have enabled extended access.
  3. In the Target box, expand the target categories as necessary and select the target for which you want to determine a subject's access.
  4. Click Effective Access to open the Effective Access at target dialog box.
  5. In the People, Servers, Groups field, type or select the subject whose effective access you want to determine. If the subject you cannot be found in the directory, this prompt appears:
    Name type cannot be determined. Is this a group?
    Click Yes if the name is a group, or No if the name is not a group.
    Note: You cannot determine the effective access for the subject Self.
  6. Click Calculate Access.
  7. The Default Access section shows the subject's default access to the selected target.
  8. View the Modified Forms section to see any forms for which the subject's access is different than the default access for the selected target:
    1. Select a form to see the access set for the form.
    2. View the Browse, Create, and Delete access set for the selected form.
    3. View the field access set for the selected form. -Default- shows the default field access for the select form. If there are individual fields listed, select a field to see how its access is different than the default field access.
  9. The Database Access section shows the access the database ACL grants the subject.
  10. The Access derived from box shows all the subjects that can control the subject's access allowed in the database ACL and the extended ACL and displays a check mark next to the subject or subjects that determine the access.
  11. When you are finished viewing the effective access, click Done.