Replicating a condensed directory catalog

There are many fields combined in each aggregate document in a condensed directory catalog, and for this reason aggregate documents frequently change and require replication. Schedule replication of the catalog between a server that builds it, and other servers that have replicas of it, to occur at least several times a day to keep up with changes in the aggregate documents.

About this task

Notes® client users should replicate their condensed directory catalog with a replica on a server either daily or weekly, depending on whether the clients have fast connections to the server. It is best for clients that connect on the road over slow connections to wait to replicate the condensed directory catalog until a fast connection is available.

Give all servers that are not Dircat servers, as well as all clients, only Reader access (the default) to a condensed directory catalog, to prevent the clients/servers from being able to replicate changes to the replica on a Dircat server.

Note: In this release of Domino®, using a condensed directory catalog on a server is no longer supported. If you created condensed directory catalogs and your clients are using them on servers running earlier releases, they will continue to operate, but are not recommended.