Re-enabling a corrupted IMAP mail file with fixup

If an IMAP-enabled mail file becomes corrupted, you can repair it by performing a set of tasks.

About this task

To repair a corrupted IMAP mail file, perform these tasks:
  1. Run Fixup.
  2. Disable the mail file for IMAP use.
  3. Re-enable mail file for IMAP use.

If you are unable to repair the mail file, contact IBM® Support Services for assistance.

To repair a corrupted IMAP mail file, the Fixup task requires exclusive access to the mail file database.


  1. Shut down the server.
  2. From a command prompt, change to the Domino® program directory. For example, if you installed Domino® in the default location, enter: .
    cd c:\IBM\domino
  3. To run Fixup on a specific mail file in the MAIL directory, enter:
    nFixup path\mail file
    nFixup mail\user.nsf
    Note: If transaction logging is on, run Fixup with the -j switch, for example:
    nFixup -j mail\user.nsf

Disabling an IMAP mail file

About this task

If you need to disable IMAP-specific features in a mail file, run the mail conversion utility with the -e- option file. The following example removes the IMAP capability of the mail database USER.NSF in the \MAIL subdirectory of the Notes® data directory:

load convert -e- mail\user.nsf
Note: On UNIX systems, use a forward slash (/) as the hierarchy separator, rather than a backslash (\). For example, enter:
load convert -e- mail/user.nsf

What to do next

After disabling the mail file, you can re-enable it. For more information on enabling a mail file, see Running the mail conversion utility to enable a mail file for IMAP in the related information.