Integrating an extended directory catalog into a primary Domino® Directory

You can build an extended directory catalog into an existing primary Domino® Directory so that servers and users within the domain can use a single integrated corporate directory. Instead of creating a new database from the PUBNAMES.NTF template in which to add the directory catalog configuration document and aggregate documents, create the configuration document in the primary Domino® Directory (NAMES.NSF). All the original documents in the NAMES.NSF are retained, and the Dircat task adds documents aggregated from other Domino® Directories into the database.

About this task

When you integrate an extended directory catalog into a primary Domino® Directory, a server within the domain of the primary Domino® Directory searches the aggregated information automatically as part of its primary Domino® Directory search, and so the use of directory assistance isn't required. Person documents that the Dircat task aggregates are trusted for client authentication, and Groups documents that are aggregated can be used automatically for database authorization.

Servers outside the domain of the Domino® Directory into which the extended directory catalog is aggregated can use directory assistance to access the integrated directory. From the perspective of these servers, the integrated directory is a secondary directory that is searched after their primary Domino® Directory; these servers only trust the integrated directory for client authentication, and can only use groups in the integrated directory for database authorization, if you set up the Directory Assistance document for the directory to allow this.

Dircat task processing affects only the documents the Dircat task aggregates from other Domino® Directories, and not native documents that originate in NAMES.NSF. For example, rebuilding an extended directory catalog that is integrated into a primary Domino® Directory does not have any effect on the native documents.

You can remove an extended directory catalog that is integrated into a primary Domino® Directory by deleting the directory catalog configuration document, and then rebuilding the extended directory catalog by running the dircat on it with the -r switch. Any native documents created outside of the aggregation process remain.